The Treacle Bible 
Treacle Bible, Paignton Parish Church
The word triacle has been high-lighted in green in this photo.  
What is a Treacle Bible ? 
In the mid sixteenth Century some Bibles were printed with the following translation in the Book of Jeremiah Chapter 8 Verse 22 " Is there not triacle (treacle) at Gilead',' , the more common translation being "balm". 
Our secretary Miss Terry Pearson recently brought to our notice that we had a Treacle Bible printed in 1572 tucked away in a corner of the Kirkham Chapel in a very dilapidated condition. On behalf of the 'Friends' she wrote to the Archbishop's Council for the Care of Churches inquiring as to its rarity and whether it should be restored. They replied that application could be made for a grant for this to be done and recommended two conservators who could undertake the work. This has now been carried out by Messrs. Cedric Chivers & Co. Of Bristol.. 
Another interesting thing about our Bible is that it is what is called a Bishops Bible. Historically, the first complete translation of the Bible into English was prepared by Myles Coverdale (1488- 1569), and published in 1535 followed by the Great Bible in 1539 Subsequently there were several other attempts at this work by various people until we come to 1566. It was then that Archbishop Parker allocated sections of the Great Bible to various translators Many of them Bishops, to check it against recent Latin versions of the Hebrew text. Thus the Bishops Bible came into being As well as the "Treacle" reference which gives this version its name, it has an interesting marginal note to Psalm 45:9 which reads " Ophir is thought to be the llande in the West Coast of late founde by Christopher Columbo ". Yet another interesting point is that this edition of the 1572 Bible has a remarkable feature in that the Psalms are given in two versions - one from the Great Bible and the other by the Bishops - printed side by side in different type faces. 
The Bible may be inspected in the church by appointment.  
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